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On the Path or On the Highway to Immortality? Immortality by Milan Kundera

A woman…a gesture…are what got it all started. they inspired Kundera to write this master piece. This is a book of themes, across different periods of time, including life and afterlife. It tries to catch the essence of humans, the part that endures across time, the part that remains a legacy, the part which grants […]

Klara and the Sun – A Juxtaposition of Humans with Artificial Friends Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

I finished this book some months ago. At that time, I was amused at how such a book that can be easily read by children, can hide so many references and messages behind its simplicity. As always, I kept notes while reading, but it took me a while to get back to them, and be […]

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“Everyone can achieve immortality to a smaller or greater degree, or shorter or longer duration, and the idea already starts occupying people’s minds in early youth”. Milan Kundera in Immortality

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Ina Gjika is a green finance professional who loves to dive into philosophy and dance to the music beats. Ina also enjoys getting lost into her bookshelves and smelling freshly ground coffee, while dreaming about exploring the world. She holds an MSc. Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University and two B.A majors in Business Administration and Political Science & International Relations, as well as a B.A minor in Economics from the American University in Bulgaria.

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