Hello fellow book lovers and welcome to my blog Ina’s Bookshelf! As you might have already guessed, this blog is all about books. Book reviews, quotes and new titles are its gravity center . My goal is not only to share with you my thoughts, but also to inspire readers towards interesting titles, convert more people into book lovers and promote deep reading and critical thinking.

We have so much to read and discuss about and hopefully, through this platform, I will manage to give you a glimpse of my perspective.

First, let me tell you a bit about me. I am a former banker, a recent graduate in economic development, and I working in the space of renewable energy finance. In addition to the icy waters of finance and economics, I also love to dive into the warmer philosophical waves. I am always in the mood for reading a good book, while enjoying my cup of coffee. Books activate my imagination, and give birth to millions of thoughts, which sometimes I cannot fully articulate on paper. The degree of inspiration that a book can provoke is just magical. I often get lost into my bookshelves, while admiring beautifully written sentences, and travelling where the book pages take me.

Oh, there is also another element in addition to books and coffee, which completes this whole picture: music. My favorite fiction author is Haruki Murakami and one of the things I mostly admire about his writing, is the ability to engage all senses of the reader: vision, touch, smell and…sound. The synergy created is beyond words.

In addition to fiction, I also enjoy non-fiction books, related to politics, philosophy, history, economics, psychology and biographies. My academic background can partially explain my preference for these genres:

I hold two B.A majors in Business Administration and Political Science & International Relations, as well as a B.A minor in Economics, from the American University in Bulgaria, – a liberal arts university. In 2019, I completed a 3-year track of an Executive Management Program at the ProCredit Academy in Germany, part of the ProCredit Bank Group. I am currently attending the MS. Applied Economics and Management program at Cornell University.

Besides reading, I love dancing, travelling and volunteering. So, whenever you have some interesting comments, news or information regarding these broad hobbies, do not hesitate to write to me.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will enjoy my posts, as much as I have enjoyed writing them!