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The Power of Journaling

What do you usually write about? Is it a required working paper, a business report, a structured essay, or simply your spontaneous thoughts? What effect does the writing process have on you?  As you think on the answers to these questions, let me shift your attention to the last type of writing I asked about: […]

The Bittersweet Airport-Triggered Inspiration

I love airports! To me, an airport is a place that embodies so many emotions, new beginnings, cultural exchanges and adventures. After so many times of exploring airports alone, I have discovered that this process triggers my emotional richness and inspiration. The stimuli come from outside and from within. In my lonely, but sweet travels, […]

How to Edit Your Own Writing

Putting those words on paper while still under the charm of inspiration is a great idea. Do not let your thoughts go away. Give them life even in the middle of the night, at that airport, while waiting for your date at a restaurant, or even while travelling on a train. The whole process is […]